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murder mysteries

Why do I read murder mysteries? Heroine: female shop owner who has small specialty shop in small town that is very small but somehow has enough people to maintain her business but she never needs to be there cause she is out poking her nose into things. Plot: someone is murdered and heroine asks questions till killer gets upset with her and tries to kill her and that’s how you find out who did it. Nevermind the police are asking the same questions to the same people, the killer has to target the heroine which is good because you would never solve the mystery otherwise. And yet I still read these things, go figure.

terror in the night

A gentle little soul was wandering the green fields minding his own business when a demon appeared. Red of fang and sharp of claw this demon grasped the poor soul in his jaws and carried him to what appeared to be one of the many levels of hell. Here a malicious game of tag occurred with the demon of the orange countenance tormented the little one by grasping him in the sharp claws and clamping those vicious teeth about his tiny little body. He ran as fast as he could but it was no use. Then another demon appeared and joined in the torment, this one of a malevolent black and white mixture. The horrible games continued for what seemed and eternity. And then the angel appeared. Large (relatively speaking) this pale hairless one grasped the little one from the claws of the orange demon. The orange one jumped and tried to reclaim his prize raking with his claws but to no avail. The little one was born into the depths of what might be another level of hell. Here two more demons of a different aspect waited, larger with blunter claws but bigger teeth. Would this be the final resting place? One of the demons grasped the little one in her jaws but did not claim death as her prize. The little one was dropped on the floor and managed to scamper to safety and lick the wounds endured in this bizarre game of torture. The lower demons looked in vain but the little soul escaped to tell the tale of horror.

Why I have mice, 4 critters that play but don't kill, ah well.


Kooza review

Ah Kooza. Had a fun weekend traveling to Atlanta to see Cirque de Soleil's production of Kooza. As always it was a stupendous event. I do feel sorry for the performers because they obviously flunked basic physics and don't understand gravity is law, not a guideline. They fling themselves about with abandon and make those of us stuck to the ground jealous of their freedom. Especially people like me who can barely jump rope on a flat stable surface much less 20 ft in the air on a tiny wire or while running on a wheel flipping through the air. And then there are the strange young girls who watch way to many horror movies and laugh at the CGI technicians who go to so much trouble to virtually contort human bodies when these girls gleefully move in ways a human just ought not be able to bend. The live music and singing emphasis the action and it blends so well together. So to anyone who has the opportunity to see a CdS production, GO. It is well worth it and in these troubled financial times the audience was packed as we all forgot out wall street woes to watch with awe what people are capable of.

Another year gone

It's that time of year again. All the news people are merrily reviewing this oh so fun year and telling us what happened. Well fun politics and a tanking economy aside I of course only care about what happened to me : So my year in review, so long 2008 and please let 2009 be better. The up side was I achieved the rank of Sho-dan in Oyama Karate and acquired a kitten to help fill the void left by one cat dying in 2007 due to melamine poisoning (may they burn in the pits of tartarus for putting that stuff in pet food etc). The 10 year old cat is not happy with the new addition but one of the dogs thoroughly enjoys her new playmate (YouTube Video). In addition beloved hubby started a new business: Protective Cages, LLC. Let's hope he makes some money and I can finally afford a trip to Hawaii. I also actually sold something on my Etsy Store: Gryphonwyck and continue to sell the odd item on Gryphonwyck CafePress. I also attended a scifi convention and met some authors I really like (skzbrust & Alan Dean Foster).
The down side was a long commute on $4 gas, a little over a year old transmission needing replacing, and the loss of family members to old age. Investments are worth nothing and the house we bought to flip is still for sale cause no one can actually get a loan. In addition I did finally catch the flu but I still refuse to get a flu shot. Yes if you are elderly or prone to catch things the flu shot is good but in my family it just guarantees you'll get lots of colds and whatever flu variety wasn't in the shot, so I don't get them.
Overall I think the pluses outweighed the minuses which is good. So as 2008 is run off the stage by many irate unemployed Madoff investors bearing torches, 2009 toddles on bringing great hope for a new political regime and a better Wall Street return.

Happy New Year to all.


Yule gift ideas

Tis the holiday season again. If you are looking for great pagan themed ornaments check out my offerings on my Etsy site: Gryphonwyck. You can also find great pagan themed clothing at my CaféPress store Gryphonwyckii.
Enjoy the holiday season and help the economy by using your purchasing power.
Happy Yule to all.

Self promotion

In these hard times I could really use a hand with the bills, new transmissions ain't cheap, especially the 2nd year when the one you put in last year with a one year warranty dies one year and 4 months later. So I am promoting my wares on CafePress at Gryphonwyck .
These are some pagan themed items I've come up with. (I think another person snitched my Wiccan Woman logo and turned it to Witchy Woman, bummer). So here I am in the evening trying to peddle my fun stuff. I can't draw but I can use photoshop a bit :) So lets support my economy and hand over an economic boost.
Have a happy Thursday.

Promoting hubby business :)

Dearly beloved hubby has started a new venture. It's called Protective Cages, LLC. There have been a horrible rash of copper theives in the area. So him & friend started manufacturing cages to put around your a/c unit to deter theives. Sounds like fun right. So far they have installed some at local churches and are working with others to get orders. So if you know anyone who has suffered from copper thieves give them a call. I really want to go to Hawaii so I need hubby to make money so spread the word. Hire my hubby and protect your precious a/c unit. Thanks.

OmegaCon review

OmegaCon Review – Ah the funs and joys of a new Sci-Fi convention. OmegaCon is in its infancy and it shows. Held in lovely Birmingham, AL on March 14-16, 2008. I only attended on one day and regretfully did not see all that I wished. They had great panels where you could hear real authors discuss their works. Saw Alan Dean Foster and Steve Brust, yea. Sherrily Kennyon and her groupies were in attendance, fun to watch them. Regretfully the program schedule wasn’t printed out in an easily understood manner and there was no map to show where things were so I missed a lot of stuff because I spent so much time wandering around trying to find locations. The dealer’s area had a lot of nice stores, Books a Million (a sponsor) had a big section for themselves and were sponsoring the autograph sessions. This was at one of the entrances to the dealer’s room and if there had been more people would have caused problems. Overall I actually liked it a bit better than DragonCon because I could find the authors speaking and could get in to see them. DragonCon was much more fun people watching because more people dressed up. Very few costumes in this con but that should increase as it gets more popular. Lou Anders, a local author/editor wrote a great review from a speaker’s point of view. Lou Anders review
Overall it was a great way to spend a day and I look forward to future OmegaCon’s.

Black Belt

woo-hoo, I have achieved the rank of Sho-Dan (1st deg blalck belt) with Oyama Karate. Yea me. Went to ye old Karate Depot (KarateDepot.com) to get a black belt while I wait for my embroidered one. I like shopping there cause the prices are right, especially the shipping. Also I'm supposed to get a t-shirt if I blog about them, whee. I really do like there stuff. So now that I'm a black belt gotta set new goals for myself. Got lots to learn, especialy about teaching. Should be fun.

For everything from chin up bars to nunchucks for martial arts equipment, shop KarateDepot.com and save big with $2.95 shipping every day.

Wicca 101 homework

Yup, missed another class. I have been running myself ragged lately so I didn't go anywhere this weekend. I was supposed to get O2 for my torching but they are closed on weekends, dosen't anyone weld on weekends? So I stayed home and tiled, at least got something done. To catch up must have BOS, set up an alter in class, agghh. I don't do well in front of others for that, it's why I'm solitary. We'll see. Gotta remember to put photo of my home alter in book. Would like to make Goddess/God beads for set up Sat but may not have time. I have so many plans that come to naught. Just work takes up so much time with my long commute so once home want to chill. Gotta make my "summer memories" jewelry for the exchange, must do now!!!! Back to work.